How to Create a Winning Business Card

Let’s face it! Most things are digital today, both in business and in private life. However, no phone, email, website, social media or network could ever be as effective as an in-person meeting sealed with a handshake and business card exchange.

These old fashioned cards reveal much more than just information about the name, address and phone number of your business. People will judge your business by its appearance. These cards put your name out to the world representing your style, philosophy, and integrity at the same time. They are your reflection.

Along with your excellent first impression, a custom designed business card will help to close meetings and open new opportunities. Not only will it save time and give a professional impression, but it also can give your brand a remarkably creative and unique touch. It is the ace up your sleeve, or at least it should be. To use the full potential of this networking tool, there are some essentials you should consider.

Take a look at some of the best business cards designs.

Clean and Professional

First and most important is the content. Be deliberate about the information you include and keep clutter to a minimum. Make it simple and easy to read.

Size matters

Standard card size is 2”x 3.5” so it can easily fit into an average pocket. Going smaller is ok however, going for a larger business card design can create usability issues that should be avoided.

Free your colors

According to a study, 78% of respondents consider colored business cards more memorable than plain white ones. If a bright color is your favorite option, we suggest you make some contrast or texture that beseem well. Edge painted silk business cards are the latest vogue that attracts visual interest.

Use a photo to add value to your card

A photo of your product or service is perfect for the back of a card. Interchangeable photos can be a fun way to add some variety to your cards.

Creative business cards get shared

Creativity and fun are the most frequently shared topics both online and in person. On the forehead of creative business card ideas, there are names of brands that are perceived as interesting and attractive ones.

Quality Brand has a Quality Business Card

Consider the message you’re sending. Nobody wants to be associated with the word cheap. Therefore, investing a high-quality business card will help you stand out. Foil stamped business cards make an impression of a luxury, style, and quality.  

Lenticular Business Cards

Customers are drawn to color shifting, high quality, and uniqueness. This amusing business card remarks your company far after handing it to your clients.

Unexpected shapes and orientation

A simple change in shape and orientation can set your card apart from the hundreds of others. Rounded corners, subtle curves, a square shape, vertical or diamond orientation are options that can differentiate your cards from billions of others.

Experiment with materials

The whole idea of the conventional paper cards is outdated by an implementation of new materials such as plastic, rubber, cotton or metal. Not only will the material make your card stand out, but it can also make it durable and waterproof, such as plastic business cards.

Consider professional help

Making a design that is conventional and unique to your business is not an easy job. One way to ensure you get the high-quality service your brand deserves is to have a professional and experienced designer on hand.

Now that you have a few examples, create and customize from one of our offered templates, upload your own or create a new one with one of our ThinkPro online designers. For additional guidance, please feel free to contact the creative team at ThinkPro.

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