Crossfit Blur taking the jiggle out of Arizona’s Wiggle

Blur began in a shanty in Wisconsin where Jake and Justin met and began training togethker at a crossfit gym. They were best buds at co workers at the facility. They decided it was time for a change of scenery so they packed up and moved to Phoenix in hopes of owning their own gym.  In 2011, After a year of training people at the park their dream came true and baby Crossfit Blur was born! Since then they have been taking the jiggle out of Arizona’s wiggle.

In December 2015 their second fitness baby was born in Tempe names Crossfit Blur South. In it’s second year it is booming with success stories of lives changed for the good of fitness! From 5am-8pm daily Blur strives with every ounce of their fiber to provide you with challenging safe fitness. They empower people not only physically but mentally! All these positive results spill into other avenues of life!

That’s the Blur story and they are stickin’ to it! Engaging, fun, and taking out the jiggle out of Arizona’s wiggle since 2011.

Think notes:
Let your members do your advertising by wearing fashionable branded gear that people enjoy wearing. Yes there’s a difference between a shirt that has your logo and a nice soft shirt that people wear every time they work out. Want to feed the raving fan monster? Try giving them a custom hat or work out shirt and see what happens.


Watch Video: Crossfit Blur custom T-shirts for their members

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