DTG – High Definition Printing – Press Release – 04/14

March, 2014 Phoenix, AZ – High definition can be seen, high definition can be heard, now high definition can be worn! THINK! Screen Printing is now offering printed apparel and garments using their high definition direct-to-garment (DTG) printers.

Local Phoenix screen print and print shop owner, Randy Phillips, offers his perspective and customer benefits for using direct to garment services, “We’ve been doing screen printing for many years now, and while there are great cost benefits for doing high quantity screen print ordering, many of our customers needed a solution for minimum quantities, more color options, or the simplicity of finding an image or graphic they have or like and applying it to a garment with minimal handling and fuss. We’re a huge advocate for our local community, offering the best products and processes to help create visibility for our customers – local businesses, so we’re always investing in technology to accomplish that mission.”

DTG printing offers specific advantages over the traditional screen printing process:

  • No Set Up Fees (Can save customers hundreds of dollars)

  • No minimum garment quantities

  • Full color/Photo quality capability (No limitation on color usage)

  • Super fast turn-around (*Only limitation is garment availability)

  • Perfect photo quality gradients

  • Super high definition-quality printing (Up to 1200dpi resolution!)

Businesses, artists, and consumers can take advantage of the immediacy, convenience, and simplicity of using a high definition director to garment process.

“We’re seeing everyone from small and medium sized businesses to schools, artists, and customers who just want individualized styling options. It’s very easy for people to create a design or find an image online and upload it to our website – www.azscreenprinting.com, pick out the shirt or garment they want, and voila… arrives in as little as one to two days.”

Easily creating good looking, high definition, custom apparel has practical and attention grabbing purposes:

“I’ve been able to easily create slick, custom shirts using my own designs and have also created some clever memes, which really take on a more humorous twist when worn out (as opposed to seen on facebook),” says local artist Parker Wynn. “I’ve also created a small online store to sell my shirts, after noticing the retail section in the  tattoo shop where I get inked. They told me who printed the shirts and (I) saw they had an online store for me to create some myself. Easy money.”

For more information, creative applications, pricing, or to get started with high definition garment printing, visit www.thinkpro.net.

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