Fall is here. Start using the fall 2015 colors now on your garment printing.

Fall is around the corner and this is the season where business picks up, schools are getting into the groove and the trees start to change colors. Is your business fashion forward with your design colors? Pantone usually sends out a Pantone guide that picks out the colors for each season and this year here is the Fall 2015 Pantone picks. What is Pantone or who is Pantone? Great question! Pantone is the color standards that the printing and color industry uses to standardize colors across different mediums. Ever run into a situation where your phone picture doesn’t match your laptops and also doesn’t match your digital print? This is probably because your printer and screens haven’t been calibrated. Pantone offers a color guide that allows for you to match all of your mediums to a standard color. This really works great for corporate imaging, because it standardizes the color the brand has on shirts, banners, business cards and other products. Want to know more about Pantone? Go to pantone’s website or stay tuned for more info.

Fall 2015 colors

Pantone 2015 fall colors
Pantone 2015 fall colors

These colors are warm and colorful. Some would say that these are comfort colors. We provide shirts in most of these colors which is a great way to help position your small business with the fall 2015 style. If you need help with colors or styles please feel free to call or email Think Graphics and Printing today @ 480-966-0030!

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