Graphic design half off for the month of July.

Half off of graphic design for the month of July. That’s right! Half off. Now you can get professionally designed flyers, brochures, catalogs, logos, and more at the price you would pay an amateur or novice designer. So what does half off mean? Well price divided by 2 = half off. Just kidding. General design is $50 an hour for most of our designers, half off that makes it an affordable $25 an hour. To give you a good hourly guesstimate on typical jobs take a look at the following list.

Business Cards = half an hour to 3 hours. (simple to very complicated)

Postcards = one hour to 3 hours (simple to very complicated)

Brochure = one and a half hours to 4 hours (depends on content and complication)

This promotion is available in our Tempe and Phoenix offices locations.

Think Graphics Tempe

1425 E. University Dr Suite B107

Tempe, AZ 85281

Think Graphics Phoenix

917 N 5th St

Phoenix, AZ 85004

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