Hell City Tattoo Tour Print Deals!

When is the Phoenix Hell City Tattoo Tour stop? August 27 – 29, 2010

The Phoenix Hell City Tattoo Tour will be held at the famous Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa in Central Phoenix. Aside from the tattoo artists themselves, there will be bands, an art gallery, the Hell City Tattoo Museum exhibit, lots of merchandise for sale!

Hell City Tattoo Print Deals!

  • 4×6 Flyers, 5K, 14pt., $185 (full color)
  • Silk Business Cards, 1K, 16pt., Matte or UV, $89 (full color)
  • Banners $4.50 sq.ft., 13oz vinyl (full color)
  • T-Shirts, 50qty., for $149 (1 color imprint s-xl, white t’s only)

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Hell City Tattoo Tour
Hell City Tattoo Tour

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