I want stickers. I want stickers now! Stickers. Stickers. Stickers!

We have had a lot of interest in stickers lately in both the Phoenix and Tempe office. This is probably the result of the all the talented up and coming bands and artists. The problem most people have is that stickers are relatively expensive elsewhere or they are made poorly. The guys in the Think Graphics offices have been busy researching materials and options for cost effective sticker solutions.

Quick Turn around stickers are good for:

  • Bands with events around the the corner
  • Artists with low quantity needs
  • Businesses that want folders but don’t want custom printed folders
  • Designers with cool sticker ideas
  • Low cost and disposable promotional items
  • Bumper stickers
  • Give aways

We have 2 major sticker options for quick turn around. We have a bevy of other sticker options if time is not of the essence.

Option #1: Paper Stickers

Paper sticker are rated for indoor usage. This means that water is it’s enemy. Paper + water = no good. Therefor, paper sticker + water = also no good. We print paper stickers on a 11×17 sheet of “crack and peel” sticker paper. Your sticker can be what ever size you want as long as it’s smaller than 11×17. We then duplicate the sticker for your desired quantity, print, cut to final size and boom you have stickers sometimes in the same day that it’s ordered. Paper stickers are a great affordable sticker solution. Stickers must be square or rectangular.

Option #2: Vinyl / Synthetic Stickers

Vinyl / Synthetic stickers are an ideal solution for something that needs to be water resistant and more durable than paper. These can be used outdoor and items that are in damp surroundings. These are commonly used as bumper stickers or when you want something with a little bit more quality and dexterity than paper. Vinyl Synthetic stickers are printed on 12×18 sheets and are produced similar to the paper stickers. Turn around is often same day / next day. Stickers must be square or rectangular.

Other options – when you have time to get more choices…

  • UV coating on paper stickers (high gloss coating)
  • Circle stickers
  • Stickers on a roll
  • Die cut stickers (custom shape stickers)
  • Silk coated / Poly Propylene lamination
  • Cut vinyl shapes
  • More sticker stocks

If you have a sticker that you need printed. Give us a call @ Think Graphics and Printing Solutions in either our Tempe or Phoenix office – or you can fill out the form online!! Thanks!

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