Increase Engagement Through Website Design

What is the goal of your website? An interaction with your brand, an impression of your expertise, products or service, more purchases, sign-ups for a newsletter, a valuable feedback or everything at once?

Every single business participant longs to conquer at least one of the mentioned conversions. These are ultimately the actions we want a user to perform on our website, and are commonly known as customer engagement.

Although it can be challenging, a tactical approach to website design will enable us to engage with our audience in a way that promotes growth.

Here are few website design tips that will boost visitor engagement:

Website Visuals

Statistics prove that visually appealing website design, supported by graphs, pictures, and videos, trigger off 94% more views. However, just having visuals isn’t enough, it’s essential to create an overall website design that’s distinct and engaging. Reducing the amount of content on a page, while increasing white spaces and creating a tidy hierarchy, helps customers to clarify and identify the important content.

Compelling CTAs

Calls-to-action (CTAs) are what take users by the hand and bring them to your doorstep. “Buy Now” and similar buttons have to be vibrant, bold and stand out so that potential customers don’t have to put the effort in searching for them.


People love stories, and your website should be one of their favorite. This is a powerful technique that makes an emotional connection with readers if they find your story as compelling and memorable one.

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