Make your own custom printed sweatshirt today. Be the envy at your ugly sweater party.

Be the fun at your next ugly sweater party and don’t spend fortune on those knock off Walmart ugly sweaters. Make your own. Be original. Have Fun!

Christmas Sweaters

This is the season for warmer garments and ugly sweaters. We wanted to create a fun and affordable christmas/holiday option for you to enjoy–the $10 custom sweatshirt. This garment is a white 7.8oz pullover sweatshirt that our customers can upload any image off their computer or phone, add text and christmas clipart for fun and sometimes offensive custom sweatshirts.

The custom sweatshirts are $10 for one-sided (either front or back) and $13.99 for two-sided. We’ve seen some really creative sweatshirts ranging from people’s faces to pets to spoofs of their favorite(or not favorite) politicians.

We encourage you to have fun, share with your friends, and enjoy one of the finer things you can buy for 10 bucks!

Create your own custom ugly sweater here


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