With a new Scottsdale location comes NEW DEALS!

In case you haven’t heard, THINK Graphics have just opened an additional branch in Scottsdale Arizona. We’re always brainstorming new products and new ways to fit your needs so the web dept has come up with an awesome new option. THINK has always prided itself on being a high-end website design studio and sometimes our quality of work is out of reach for the client who wants a simple website or who wants a structure built that content can be added to on their own….. Which brings us to our newest product.

THINK has created several “themes” that can be plugged into a WordPress website so the client can save on design costs. These themes are all the same aesthetic quality that you’re used to seeing from THINK but are quite a bit cheaper. The limitation is that the layout or structure cannot be modified but the logo, colors, and “feel” is still all yours.  What’s a Worpress site?  Glad you asked.  WordPress is a content management system that lets you- the client-  add to, update, modify, and tweak your site on your own for no additional fees and no monthly fees.   What this equates to is a site that looks like a high-end site but at a low-end cost. These sites start in the $600 range! Ask our website designers what site is the right fit for your business today at 602-889-3087. Thanks!
-Erik Shellenberger
Web Dept. Manager

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