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TH!NK On Demand: Innovation in Printing

To paraphrase a certain Greek philosopher, the only constant is change. This wisdom applies to many facets of life and is all the more relevant in the world of technological industry.

As the world changes, the needs of people change, and industries must then address and fulfill those ever-changing needs. Print On Demand (or POD) has emerged as one of the most innovative modernizations in the print, publishing, and creative industries. POD isn’t just a nu-metal band from the late 90’s. (Youth of a Nation, anyone?) It’s a business model that allows business owners and individuals alike to ditch the substantial upfront costs in favor of a more democratized manufacturing and fulfillment process. These platforms handle the printing, manufacturing, and shipping processes for you, so you are free to create! For modern makers, gone are days of committing up front to large orders or print runs and risking unsold inventory. In particular, POD has revolutionized the print industry, due to its accessibility, cost effectiveness, and freedom for business owners. 

Let’s take a look at the process of printing on demand. From start to finish, Th!nk On Demand puts the power back in your hands!

Creating Your Product:

Arguably the most exciting part as a designer or entrepreneur, this is where your imagination can run wild. Any slogan, artwork, text, or design can be printed on a tangible product, turning your dreams into reality. With Th!nk On Demand, you are encouraged to dream big! The flexibility and relatively low cost will allow you to test as many products or designs as you desire with little risk.

Selecting Your Product:

Select from a range of products available through Th!nk On Demand and print your unique design on quality garments. If you can dream it, Th!nk On Demand can likely print it!

Listing Your Product:

You can upload your creations to the platform and customize your products. Welcome to your own virtual shop! Here, you can personalize your online store and tailor your content to fit your exclusive brand.

Customer Orders:

Once your shop is ready to go, your customers are free to place their orders through your connected eCommerce platform of choice! Th!nk On Demand will automatically receive any orders placed and production will begin. 


Th!nk On Demand produces orders with ease. Production at the time of the order placement, meaning products are only manufactured once the order is processed. This eliminates the possibility of wasted and unused inventory.  Additionally, it is more environmentally friendly than traditional fulfillment practices. 


Once the order is produced, the final step is shipping! With Th!nk On Demand, we handle the logistics of shipping, leaving you free to brainstorm new ways to build your audience and expand your national reach! 

Th!nk On Demand allows makers and creatives of all types to transform their concepts into commodities with low risk and endless possibilities. The revolution of POD is here, and it is an exciting time to utilize the transformative potential it holds!

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