QR codes in printing and promotion. What’s the deal?

Have you seen those funny looking square bar codes on signs, flyers, business cards, and product cards lately? Do you know what they are and how they can be helpful? QR codes are an easy way to relay a lot of information, bookmark a place, compare products, submit information and gather customer information.

So how do you make a QR (Quick Response) barcode?

It doesn’t cost any money and there’s many websites that can generate a code for you. For example:




These websites make it easy for you to make QR codes for t-shirts, business cards, fliers, brochures and any other promotional item.

So how do you read the bar code?

Most modern mobile phones either include a QR reader/scanner or have the ability to download an “app” that utilizes the camera to scan the bar code. The following “apps” have been tested and have good to great results and response.

I-nigma (super responsive)

Red Laser (good all around)

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