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“Why are the colors different on my screen than on the flyers I just printed?”

Possibly because you submitted artwork created in RGB format.

ed-Green-Blue are the primary colors as they are defined by light. This is the “color space” you see on your computer monitor or television.

yan-Magenta-Yellow-blacK are the primary colors as they are defined by printing inks which are made up of dyes and pigments. This is the “color space” that’s used by printing. Dyes and pigments do not produce as wide a range of colors as light so there is often an unwanted color shift and the colors will be more muted than they are on your monitor.


Please convert all images and graphics to CMYK prior to sending your files to us. You will have more control over the appearance of your printed piece as you will see how the images look once they are converted. If need be, you can always adjust the image slightly after conversion to more closely achieve the desired color.

If we receive RGB images from you, we will do a standard conversion to CMYK, however our results may vary from yours.

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