Screen Print / Apparel Design

Screen printing needs i can name plenty in 30 seconds:

– Bands: need screen great designs for merch. to make money. we all know making money at the door is a joke.

– Twilight came out and i want a one of a kind “Yeam Edward” shirt ( we can design this )

-Office Olympics: battle your co working in paper clip flick and separate your team with a shirt that leaves on last impression on your co workers

– Family reunions: we have all been to them and asked to wear a silly shirt that you will never wear again, BUT by allowing  our  team to design you a shirt you will wear past the family reunion.

– Sport: there are so many different kind of sport leagues out there its crazy, kickball leagues , softball, rugby, chess, beer drinking leagues.

**to sum up we design awesome art for shirts. SO LET US!

We have optimized our production proficiency for small and medium sized businesses.  Our top of the line screen printing presses range from six color manuals to six color automatics.  THINK has the ability to print over 300 t-shirts in one hour.  We can screen print almost anything starting from very low quantities up to whatever number you can think of.  To talk to the screenprint department directly, call 480-900-1104 with any questions or to get your quote today.

Great Prices, Fast Turn Around Time, Low Minimum Quantities, High Quality Products and Inks (including plastisol and water based), Automatic & Manual Presses, Environmentally Friendly.

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