Screen Printing vs. Embroidery – Choosing the Right Decorating Method

Clothes don’t make the man. At least that’s what you hear every day. The truth is, your clothing is one of the first things that people notice when they see you, which is why wearing custom apparel can be a really effective method of promoting yourself or your brand.


Putting aside cost, which decoration method will give you the best possible result? That really depends on the garments you wish to decorate.

Apparel embroidery is suitable for polo shirts and business shirts and is perceived to be more stylish than apparel printing. In general, embroidery is considered a nicer and much classier way of decorating a t-shirt.

Screen printed designs look like they were printed with an ink-jet printer and because of that screen printing is the best choice if you want to put a custom logo on a cotton t-shirt or a hoodie.


Pricing for each decoration method has a lot of variables that you should consider. Embroidery is usually priced by stitch count and not by color. More stitches equal more cost.

The price of screen printing depends on the number of colors in your design, the number of shirts you wish to decorate, and the number of different locations that you want to decorate on a t-shirt.

To conclude, screen shirt printing and embroidery can be cheap. The first thing you should do is to check all your local t-shirt screen printing companies. They are usually very cheap, and they might even offer you a discount if you order a large number of t-shirts.


– Apparel printing is the best choice for cotton t-shirts, hoodies, and other street wear.

– Embroidery is generally the best and safest choice for business shirts, uniforms, golf jackets, business shirts, etc…

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