Shirt Fundraiser for rebuilding Think PHX

We appreciate the overwhelming show of love and support from the downtown Phoenix community. The fire may have burned a building down but it ignited our desire to do more for the arts community. Several people in the community wanted us to make shirt fundraiser site since after all…we make shirts and marketing materials.

Our team knocked our heads together for a week and decided to come up with fundraiser site with a couple of goals:

  1. Support and promote the downtown Phoenix community.
  2. Create cool products that displays some of the products and technologies that we create.
  3. Raise money and resources to recover from fire and quickly open up downtown office
  4. Give back – a portion of each shirt will go back to the artist who designed the shirt and to a downtown Phoenix non-profit.

We put up and online fundraising platform that we are going to feature local designers Phoenix shirts. Every shirt order will be printed on a high quality and super soft tshirt as well as come with a free offer of for free custom garment from our Part of the proceeds will go to the designer of the shirt, a downtown Phoenix / Arts non-profit organization and to rebuilding the Think Downtown Phoenix office.

Our goal is to sell 2500 or more shirts.

Help us reach our goal by getting a THINK PHOENIX shirt @


Are you a shirt designer or local artist?

Send us one of your shirt designs. Criteria: It must say THINK PHX or THINK PHOENIX. The design can be either front or back. There are no restrictions on color quantity. We will not be using fluorescent or metallic inks. Printing process will utilize waterbase inks. Please email for more information.

Are you a downtown Phoenix non-profit?

We want to work with you. We would like to promote the growth of small business, entrepreneurs, and the arts downtown. If your non-profit fits one of these criterias please send an email to We plan to partner with 2-3 non-profits with this fundraiser. Currently we will be partnering with Local First Arizona. Think Graphic and Printing is a proud sustaining member of Local First Arizona.



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