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Keeping your clients well-informed can be tricky business, especially since the Internet has decreased our attention spans (around 8 seconds) and our patience is generally wearing thin. So how do you captivate an audience as well as hand out an abundance of information at the same time? Brochure printing services. At ThinkPro can help you customize them with all the relevant pictures, website and social media information to keep everyone in the loop.

This product is good for:

  • General info
  • Conferences
  • Mailers
  • To go menus
  • Door packets
  • Cultural, business, and political events

When it comes to brochures, maintaining the audience’s attention is essential, and this is done by choosing the right stock coating, sizing, booklet folding options, and printing as well as identifying what is the purpose of your brochure.

Figure out who your audience is and see things from their perspective. Think how the brochures will be delivered – direct mail, included in a press kit, in-house promotional piece, handouts, etc. Ensure that your business brochure complements your booklet’s content to achieve maximum effectiveness.

We can assist you in highlighting all the relevant information and creating that unique content. We also offer design templates, the possibility to create one using our online designer, or you can simply upload your own.

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