The NEW Think deal magazine & website. Excellent “deal” for customers

New Think Deal BookDeal book artwork.

The book’s name isn’t the “Think Deal Book,” the project name is AZ Life book. The goal is to promote our customers by creating a convenient deal book distributed through out the valley and promote them online. The “Deal” is more than just a promotional book. So what’s the deal?

* Only offered to Think customers
* Frequency is quarterly with a 50,000 copy distribution
* Advertisers will get one online deal page.
* The website will be optimized for providing data analytics to build traffic to small businesses.
* All ads will be QR coded for trackable media
* All advertisers will get an order of 5000 4×6 flyers for each full page booked per quarter. 2500 4×6 flyers for each half page booked. (No page limit)
* Advertisers get QR code posters
* Advertisers get over $1500 worth of products/services

Interested in being in the first issue? Right now we’re offering more than 1/2 off for all the above benefits.

Full Page Advertisement –
Includes web page, promo items, 5000 flyers, etc.
Regular price $1185. Early bird rate $575.

Half Page Advertisement –
Includes web page, promo items, 2500 flyers, etc.
Regular price $785. Early bird rate of $375.

The deal book’s availability is first come first serve. So contact us today!

Looking for more information? Contact Forest @ 602-374-5197
We will be booking pages starting immediately for the Nov/Dec/Jan holiday edition.That’s it for today guys. I let these portable grill reviews here for you to check till we be back with more content.

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