Website Checklist: 5 Things To Have On Your Website

1.) DESIGNS THAT ATTRACT YOUR IDEAL CLIENT. Ensure that your website is well branded with designs that both coordinate with your Brand Guide and attract your ideal customers.

2.) CLEAR CALL TO ACTIONS. Have concise, clear CTAs (call to actions) on each page to make it easier for your to purchase/enroll/sign up for whatever service or product you are offering.

3.) EMAIL OPT INS. Have email opt ins on each page to make it easy for your customer to sign up for your newsletter. BONUS: If you offer an exchange, you will most likely get more people to opt into your newsletter. Let’s say you offer a free download for the top ten of something in your industry or a free template download and when they go to download you have them insert their email address so you can send them the download. For example, say you own a car wash franchise and your website offers a a free download for the “top ten tips for how to hand wash you car without damaging the paint.” Instead of just having a newsletter sign up form on your site, offering this free information exchange gives your customers more incentive to sign up for your email list.

4.) ABOUT US PAGE. Today’s customers love getting to know the people behind the brands they support. They want to know who you are and they want to know your story so make sure you have an engaging “About Us” page.

5.) ON BRAND IMAGES. There is nothing worse than going to a website and seeing images that are clearly stock photo and that also don’t make sense with the brand or company. Make sure your images are on brand and geared towards your engaging your ideal customer.

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