25 Posts on Why a Good Logo is Essential to Your Business

25 Posts on Why a Good Logo is Essential to Your Business

Having a good logo is extremely important to your business and to the branding of your company’s name, but it is also important to help attract new customers. When people see an eye-catching logo on advertisements or promotional products, it will stand out. Plus, many times people will remember seeing a cool logo for a […]

Benefits Of Large Format Printing

Benefits Of Large Format Printing

 Have you just opened a business? Do you want to get attention quickly and easily? If your type of advertisement is using posters and banners, then you might want to try large format printing Melbourne, doing this can make you gain benefits for your business. Once you know and experience this benefits and advantages, you […]

10 Tips for Designing Logos That Don’t Suck

So you’re designing a logo. It sounds like an easy enough task, right? Draw a circle, type in the company name and you’re done (I’ve literally heard a designer suggest that very process). Unfortunately, if you’re really worth the money the client is paying you, there’s a lot more to it than that.   There […]

6 ways to design the most appealing websites

6 ways to design the most appealing websites

The design of a website plays a significant role in its success, and is far more important than many of us think it is. If your website is not stunning and does not offer an outstanding user experience, no matter that which online advertising and digital marketing tactics you use, you will never be able […]

20 Diagrams That Make Print Design Much Easier

Image of Diagrams title

From choosing the right color profile to sizing a document for binding, creating a design that looks good in print requires that you plan for the printing process itself. Here are 20 quick visual guides, cheat sheets, and infographics from an international community of printing and design pros to help you make the best choices […]

Understanding the RGB Color Model

RGB Color

  Computer Monitors Display RGB, So It’s Used for Web-Based Projects There are many models that graphic designers use to accurately measure and describe the color. RGB is among the most important because it is what our computer monitors use to display text and images. It is vital that graphic designers understand the difference between […]

8 Steps To Set Up Your Files For Print

Colors Print

If you have worked with printing projects, you most likely have felt overwhelmed by the entire process. What paper to choose, color modes, setting up your files, the list goes on. Here are a few simple steps to double-check once you are ready to send your file for print! These steps will help set up […]

A Guide to Long-Lasting Screen Prints: Tips for Proper Curing

Screen Prints

Last time our print shop explored some ways to cure certain challenging garments. Here are some more tips to ensure a proper cure, no matter the substrate! When many screen printing veterans first got started, they may not have realized just how many variables factored into properly curing their prints. As the industry has advanced, […]

Why Website Maintenance is Important

Web Maintenance

Everyone knows that they need a website, but typically simply set up a site, launch it and never come back to it. Yet, failure to properly maintain your website can lead to dire consequences for both sales and your business as a whole. If your site isn’t a success, you could be losing valuable customers. […]

Why The Hashtag Printing Trend Is Heating Up

Hashtag Printing

It’s all about the souvenir photo when it comes to conferences and festivals these days.  It seems that any and every gathering worth its digital weight is incorporating the hashtag printing station. Not only are they turning up everywhere; but the station and its surrounding vicinity is like a magnet, attracting people from the time […]

How Print Marketing Can Help Your Personal Career

Print Marketing

When you’re launching or revamping your career, one of the characteristics that will make you stand out from other candidates right away is a well-established personal brand. Unfortunately, there’s a lot more involved than just making sure your LinkedIn and Twitter avatars feature the same headshot. Fortunately, print can help. You can use print media […]

7 Print Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Small Business

Image of Digital printing concept

Despite the attention given to digital marketing, printed marketing collateral hasn’t lost its relevance. Print materials and promotional products are tangible expressions of your brand and remain vital parts of any successful small business marketing plan. Printing is more affordable than ever, which means your marketing budget goes even further. You can get inexpensive 2-sided […]

5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Content Marketing

Image of content marketing strategy

Constantly clamoring to grab the attention of prospective customers, small businesses are competing with a lot of noise. Consumers are cutting through clutter by fast-forwarding television shows, subscribing to ad-free digital radio, installing ad-blockers to browse their favorite websites sans-ads and customizing what’s in their social media feeds. To avoid getting skipped over or ignored, […]

Landing Pages vs. Websites: What Is A Landing Page?

Image of a keyboard with landing page key

You may have heard the term “landing page” from a marketing agency or an employee or maybe even from reading the headline of this blog post. You know what a website is. But what is a landing page? How does it differ from a website? How is a landing page used? Definition of a Landing […]

What Benefits Can Come to the Organization From Employees Wearing Uniforms?

Image of embroidery designs

Uniforms bring to mind workers like police officers, firefighters and factory workers Nevertheless, company uniforms work in almost any work setting, including offices. Uniforms are available in different forms from a one-piece protective suit to a button-down shirt with the company logo embroidered on the pocket. Uniforms provide benefits for employees and the company to […]

Make a Lasting Impression with These Tips for Designing a Brochure

Brochure Design and print.

Brochures are a colorful and informative representation of what you have to offer. Brochures have lasting power — customers think twice before tossing something that looks and feels nice. And, while it may feel like digital publishing is taking over the world, paper marketing pieces are still practical and important — so knowing how to […]

Avoid Making This Mistake Before Sending Us Your Design

Image of color printing at ThinkPro

Most people don’t know the difference between RGB and CMYK and that’s fine, no one knows everything. However, if you wish to print something, you need to learn the difference between these two before making a very expensive error. You might think that modern PDF standards automatically convert RGB to CMYK upon saving, and they […]

Keep an Eye on These Marketing Trends

Image of a marketing team

Last year we witnessed more innovation in the marketing industry than ever before. Apps steadily became an expectation for consumers rather than a desirable, but unnecessary feature to have. And not just on mobile devices. They’re now available and expected on smart TVs and as native web applications. We also saw a surge in the […]

The Importance Of Website Design And How It Can Influence Business

Image of web designer at work

In these days of technological prowess and tremendous advancements in the digital area, most, if not all companies rely on a website to reach their consumers and potential clients, and to maintain a relationship with people across the globe. Many companies have built legacies that have accumulated to decades of hard work, but in this […]

Why Is Choosing a Web Designer so Important?

Image of web designers

Startup owners have a big responsibility because they are forced to make decisions that will impact their new business Making the wrong decisions during the development of the startup could ruin the new company before it ever has a chance to get underway. Probably one the biggest decisions that a startup owner will need to […]